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            SiteMinder presents this year’s Top Booking Channels

            Get the top booking channels for your property, and connect to them with the world’s leading channel manager.

            You’re a form fill away from access to the top booking channels for your property!

            It’s a new year, a new decade, but the desire to travel is as prominent as ever.

            Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) are one of the best ways to make sure your property gets in front of guests looking to travel to your city, and SiteMinder’s Top Booking Channels of 2019 will show you which ones performed best.

            Get the list of the top hotel booking revenue makers!

            But it’s not just about connecting to more OTA’s, or the right OTA’s. It’s also about making sure:

            Your inventory is updated across all your sites in real time

            You don’t have to spend time managing your rates on each individual channel

            You can advertise on as many of these channels as you like for no extra cost

            You can easily see how your channels are performing

            How can you do this, you may ask?

            You can have all of the above and connect to the top performing booking channels for your property, with
            SiteMinder’s channel manager.

            We beat the competition because:


            We connect to over 400+ channels and integrate with over 400+ partners, more than any other provider.


            We won HotelTechAwards’ #1 Best Channel Manager in 2020, voted by hoteliers around the world


            We brought in 105M+ reservations for our customer base in 2019

            Want to be in the right place, at the right time for guests looking to travel to your city?

            Fill in the form to get unlimited access to the top booking channels for your property and to see our channel manager in action.

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