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            From the smallest bed & breakfasts to the largest chains, SiteMinder is the name trusted by more than 35,000 hotels around the world to acquire new and repeat guests.

            We recognise that hoteliers like you would much rather spend time creating memorable guest experiences than making technology work. Our holistic suite of solutions manages every stage of your guests’ booking journey so you can:

            Make your hotel more visible on the world’s top booking sites and be found by guests across the globe

            Drive direct bookings via your hotel website so you can own the guest relationship and pay zero commission

            Access a multitude of third-party applications to enhance your revenue and guests’ booking experience

            Use data to understand local demand and offer pricing that’s both competitive and optimal for profit margins

            Leave manual entry behind with systems that work seamlessly together while you run your hotel.

            We make things simple

            1 Login.

            1 Source of truth for all your guest data.

            1 24/7 Support number.

            The SiteMinder platform

            A great experience doesn’t have to be exclusive to your guests. With SiteMinder, you gain a complete and seamless experience managing your marketing and distribution strategy online, plus more time to delight the guests we bring.

            • “With the incredible pace that my local market is currently trading at, I couldn’t imagine how we could manage our distribution without SiteMinder.”

              Scott Hartley, 8 Hotels

              Read more about this case study
            • “SiteMinder’s channel manager and booking engine have become the standard for all of our hotels. In my experience using SiteMinder, I have had no difficulties.”

              Ms Dian, The Gunawarman

              Read more about this case study

            Free eBook: SiteMinder’s Hotel Success Stories Collection

            We’ve helped to optimise the day-to-day success of hotel businesses since our inception. Learn real-life examples of how our technology has helped leading hotels thrive.

            In this collection, we look at how hotels have strengthened their:

            • Distribution and direct bookings
            • Revenue management
            • Property management and systems integration
            • Website management.
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