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            It’s hard to compete with online travel agencies (OTAs), global distribution systems and other giants – even for your own guests. With their reach, offers and clever tactics for tapping in to every traveller’s fear of missing out, it’s easy to feel there isn’t a way to convert those travellers yourself.

            SiteMinder’s high-converting online hotel booking engine, TheBookingButton, empowers you to:

            Get online bookings via your website

            Make your hotel website your most profitable sales channel.

            Online bookings give you customer ownership

            Own the guest relationship at every stage of the customer journey – pre-, during and post-stay.

            Make the direct booking experience quick, easy and seamless

            Simple online bookings

            Allow guests to complete an online booking in two steps

            Customise your templates

            Customise the online booking engine with your own hotel brand’s look and feel, from the colours and photos to the room descriptions

            Mobile and social reservations

            Get booked by guests on-the-go, through their mobile phone or Facebook, with an optimised responsive system

            Book multiple rooms

            Make it possible for guests to book multiple rooms under one reservation

            Get more direct bookings via your booking engine

            Personalise every step of the booking process

            Allow guests to select from more than 20 languages and currencies to make their booking

            Upsell guests with promotional rates and packages, early-bird and last-minute deals, extended-stay discounts, and extras to increase your revenue and guest loyalty

            Nurture guest relationships with fully-customisable emails – pre-, during and post-stay – that drive guest satisfaction and repeat business

            Hotel reservations software

            Save time by eliminating manual entry and guesswork

            Integrate your booking engine with the rest of your hotel system

            Update your rates, availability and special offers across all your systems, with the seamless integration of our channel manager

            Take online payments

            Receive instant payments with payment gateway options that deliver straight into your bank account

            See the performance of your booking channels

            Generate reports on your booking performance, trends and sources, to gain insight into your guests and the impact of your online marketing campaigns

            Reduce manual entry with online booking software

            Create a beautiful hotel website to further boost your direct bookings

            Learn about our hotel website creator and editor

            Responsive website to increase mobile conversions

            1.5 million hotel reservations annually

            See how TheBookingButton works

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